Saturday, September 3, 2011

Wonderful Life

Would you appreciate to God
that grant you a Wonderful Life ?
I do appreciate it so much...

For me ,
With warm family beside you
With a group of nice friends beside you
Even I am single
I do enjoy my life right Now
and I feel that I enjoy my life now :)
Being couple is sweet and nice
I cannot denied this statement at all
but being single also not bad right ?
Many of my friends asking me
" Ohhh Sin Yee , How come dun wan choose a rich guy
to involve in a relationship "
Uhm Uhm guys
Do i really need a guy to fulfill my life right now ?
I dun think so...

W/o a partner
I can enjoy my time with my family
I can go travel anywhere with them
I can enjoy my hobby especially diving anytime
I can enjoy my outing with any guys
I can wear until very messy in home
I can webcam with everybody
This kind of life really Not good ?
Some people may think it is a kinda of lousy life
But for me , It's very enjoy
coz I love FREEDOM !

Stop this topic , I dun wan talk about any guys
becoz I only need a guardian or Angel beside me
hahahaha :)
So please stop it
Dun introduce any guys for me anymore
I am not interested at this moments k !

Back to my Topic ,
We went to Singopre Zoo at 30 August 2011
Is located at Mandai Road
What i can say is
Zoo is damn big , even bigger than USS
and it definitely cant compare with our " ZOO NEGARA"
Admission fees cost $20
Is a nice place to visit
Do visit it when you all are free :)

Celebrate our Vanessa b'day at 2 September 2011
Venue is Seoul Garden, Clementi Mall...
Is a crazy Night for us
Such a long long time My gang din gathering together
Is sweet and warm when gathering with friends :)
Lastly, I wish Vanessa
Enjoy her big day and stay happiness forever !

Last part of my blog
I wan mentioned about my 2 buddy in parkway college !
They are Ivy Lee and Princess Rng !
Thanks for appear in my life
Both of u make my life so delighted
I enjoy chatting and talking secret session with both of u
I enjoy our lunch session with both of u
I enjoy our assignment torture moments !
We are damn angry when being "catalyze" by our group mates
Thanks God , Both of you are nice and sweet !
I hope our friendship and last longer and forever ...=D

Wonderful Life , I Love you..

God , thanks for always grant me energy and confidence
in doing everything !

- End -

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