Saturday, September 24, 2011

I want Go back home

1st time I do my blogging during assignments period
STOP my assignments in half way
Come here and "throw away" my unsatisfied

i know some people wont see this post
just i DISLIKE you
so I WONT let u know about my life and feeling

20 years , nobody so loud to talk to me
even papa mama also wont like this
20 years , meet so many friends is my life
I definitely din meet such a SUCK GUY in my life !
I hate SUCK this word
but this word is suitable for him
So do u know , How angry i am ?

Sometime I really should accept my parent's suggestion
Dun stay with a bomb in order to prevent
unnecessary argue with friends !
But I cant leave my other friends
I cant be a selfish friends

Anyway , Dun provoke me again
DUN think ur voice is loud and U are the winner

what 翻脸不翻脸
本小姐才应该说这一句话 !

Continue my assignment

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