Saturday, September 10, 2011

Busy Life

I am very sorry to all my close friends
Coz every time I promise I will update my life
But end up there is nothing
Dun blame me k ,
I am really busy of my study life...

Actually I got update my blog sometime
Just I dun wan to post out because of some private reason
If u know me well
I believe u know about it...
So this post is for my close friends
especially my bestie
Thanks for staying beside me all the time :)

Okie , I change a very blur profile picture
because my eye bag is super deep !
And i dun wish ppl to see it
I also dun know where I find the courage
to stay with my housemates with my deep eye bag
for me , This is too bad !

Recently , there is tons of assignment have to rush
I even feel breathless sometime
Coz I am not superwomen , and I also a normal student
I dun know why some people
really refused to take their responsible
and let people to feel suffering and irritating !
Is it good ?
I admit that I am very easy to cry when stress attack me
Sorry to Mr John and Miss Vanessa
both of u really let me feel warm on that day
and Sorry for let u see my weak side
My tears are drop...T___T

Okie , friends
Let me introduce a few things for u k
Dun always said that I keep the good things for myself
Just I no time to share with u all...

The latest movie that I watch is The smurf
Is a nice and cute movie
I like the song , I hope u like it too
Catch it out when u free :)

2nd things that I wan introduce for u all
Pixlromatic application
It is free from apple store
Whether u have iphone , ipad or ipod
Get it there
Effects is better than others application
if compare with others :)
Try it out ya !

The last things that I wan introduce is Gong Cha
okie , is only available at Singapore I think
If available at Msia , tell me k ?
The price is quite reasonable
and 80% sugar level is good enough
But i hate to queue during peak hour
I very impatient I know :)
Try it out when u see it in S'pore !

That's all for this post
My eyelid is super heavy and tired already

I gonna off to my lala Land now
I hope I can have a nice sleep tonight
And tomorrow gonna back Sg again
Sienzz lar !

Anyway , is a nice weekend for me :)

Good Night World

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