Saturday, September 17, 2011

Not a HAPPY holiday

My 1 week holiday officially start Last Friday
But this is not a HAPPY holiday
How I wish I going through a happy holiday >.<

Many friends wish me having a happy holidays
Thank You ya :)
I wish all of you HAPPY HOLIDAYS too...

But honestly , this is not a happy holiday for me
because I have tons of assignments
group assignments and individual assignments
I still have stupid practice and competition
Totally lack of time to rest and do the things that I like
So is this consider a HAPPY HOLIDAY ?

How i wish I have more time to spend with my family
How i wish i can go out everyday
Yumcha, shopping with buddies
How i wish I can go for 4 days holidays
let my body system have a short rest?
But in this holiday,
it is totally impossible for me...

I cant be irresponsible
Of course I can throw all my tasks to my group mates
But i cant do that !
Of course I can do last minute works
but that is not my style
So I have do lots of searching before I start my assignment

Anyway, I almost finish psychology and CH assignments
I feel accomplishment
when every time finish those works
Although sometime I does feel grievance
because some people contribute less
But I always tell myself
Do more and Learn more
And u will feel more happier :)

Sorry to all my friends
I really no time to go out with you
I gonna going back Spore Wednesday
We will meet next time k :)

Now is 4.27am
I already sit in front of my laptop 6.5 hours
My back and Spinal cord is super duper pain
I hate this PAIN !

I hope tantalizing moments can pass soon
My body is not make from steel :(

Someone, can we go shopping when I back Spore?
I really need some fresh air = =

I really tired about it
Tata , off to my lala land now :)

Good Night...

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