Thursday, July 4, 2013

Nurses as a part of time

 Time flies, I am a year 3 student now,

and 1 more semester, I am going to graduate !

OMG, I totally feel like I dun want to graduate.

Once I am graduate, I going to take more responsibilities with me,

it's so damn hard and I dun know whether I can do it.

Yesr 3 Sem 1 attachment, I am lucky enough coz I being distribute to a ward

that have my best mates inside ! ;D

Happy enough. Without them, attachment won't be funny. xDD

A big big love to them, we pass this 4 weeks together with lots of funny things !


      Yay, keep calm and I'm almost a nurse !

8 more months, I am going to wear a different uniform from now,

I going to learn more things, skills and knowledges.

I going to spend less time with my family and friends.

I going to spend most of the time in hospital with patients.

I going to miss my college times so much !

Once I am thinking about that, I was starting to feel sad :(

But this is my choice, I wish I can complete it with a big heart <3 font="">

Recently quite lots of things happened in the ward,

it's does make everyone scared and stay alert.

At this moments, I just realize how important of a patient life

and patient safety. Their life is our responsibilities.

Now I know how fragile of a human being !

But we does learn new things from an incident and mistake,

we'll grow from a mistake and we'll perform better next time !

So friends, keep it up ! ;D

We can do it right ?

 Patient ask me" do you have male friends become nurse"

Hahahaha, why not ? I answer " my housemate 3 guys, all are nurses"!

She like so shock and ask me again " How they can endure those feces "

I said " I dun know, but I believe we all can overcome all these dirty things"

She said " bravo nurses"

yayyy, why not ?!

Whether a person is a male or female,

a nurse is a nurse.

This is so true ! 

I strongly admire those male nurses,

because of them, we're able to move heavy patients.

You just cant denial male nurses always in high demand ! ;D



 Enough of all those nurses things,

my life is not only for become a NURSE !

Have a chat with a guy,

his thinking is exactly as me, oh really !

He's open minded as me and love freedom too !

He ask me " Why dun want to have bf "

I said " I want freedom, I want travelling, I want to play"

He "When you want to get yourself a guy"

I " Want, but not now. At least wait till I graduate bah"

He " So true, enjoy !"

I can sense how much he love freedom and playing !

And I can sense how much he love his life ?

yay, not only you, girl, your bf also need some freedom right ?

If you're tolerate with him and give him what he want,

I believe he also will give you what you want from him.

是互相的,将心比心 ;D


Tired, nights people <3 font="" nbsp="">