Sunday, September 18, 2011

Stay Strong

1 sentence from Mummy
" Stay Strong, Don't quit"
My tears almost drop in front of mum
Luckily i go in to the washroom
I dun wish my mum worried about me
I should cope my studies
and does not let her worried about it...

Yea, as mentioned at My title
Stay Strong
I will!

Even though is very hard to maintain well in everything
I always neglect my family
I spend less time communicate with them
I spend most of my time with my lappy
I does feel guilty about it
But let me make it up another days
I promised..:D

Anyway, Am i am strict leader ?
Am I request too much from them ?
They only do a small part
They even no need burn the midnight oil
but why they always provide me the wrong things
I have to waste my time redo again
Is it funny for me ?
Or U all think that I should do that ?
If you think that you are stress about it
I am more stress than you all :)
Is okay for me to do more than you all
But it does not mean that I should do all for you all
Is not my responsibilities complete everything for you all too

Lastly, I am proud of my Body System !
They accompany me every night
Although nowadays they keep want see the doctor
The earliest I sleep at 4am
The latest is 6am
Wake up at 11am
Enough ?
I do not know...

So now is the time off to my bed now

Sorry my dear blog
Nowadays u full of querimony and unsatisfied by
your owner, ME !

U will delight and pretty again
Once I finish all my assignments and presentation :)

Sweet Dreams ya
Blogger Team =D

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