Friday, August 12, 2011

Recharged at home

Yooo , This is the 4th weeks I din rest well
It's so tiring
Mental and physical totally exhausted :(

Anyway , Now I am recharged at home
Love to chat with mum and siblings
They always delighting my days with lots of jokes
And I enjoy the peace atmosphere <3

Singapore Home
I Love too
Just sometime some unexpected problems have appear
Cant solve those questions
with proper ways !
I hate that type of feeling :(

Anyway , Thank you for someone
I know U are always beside me all the time
U always taking good care of me
Even though U are not the best
But U already try ur best
U are my important part
As a good friend for me :)
Treasure the friendship between U and me
Yea ^^!!

Tatata , Off to bed now

Good Night World...

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