Saturday, September 17, 2011

Cherish the Moments with U

Okie , Going to start my this Post
For those who always view my blog
They sure know Who is this girl
Yea , She is my bestie - Liew Xi
And I believe she is not the 1st time appear in my blog

My title like I love spending my time with my loved 1
Is not totally wrong
Just the ppl that I Loved is a girl
and Not a guy..
hahaha :)

We get know for 8 , 9 years I think
This deep friendship make us look like sisters instead of friend
We like to share everything with each other
We have courage to face each other
even we are super ugly or no IMAGE at all !

Dear , I know something is happened to U
but please think that
Is it worth for you to do everything for HIM ?
Is it worth that U cry because of HIM ?

What U tell me ?
U tell me U already give up of the hope
But why your emotion still always correlated with HIM
IS NOT WORTH at all , my dear...

U have lots of talents
U can draw , U can study and U are a good listener
U can meet a better one in the future

I very sad when every time see u upset because of HIM

What i wan to say is...

My dear , Please...
If u really cant get down of HIM
chase or pursue Him with ur charm and energy
I believe miracle will appear in 1 day

But if U feel that U already put down of him
Dun let your emotion effected by him k ?

I believe U can do it
and I believe U will meet your prince charming soon :)

I support U all the time
with my deep heart <3

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