Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Exhausted Week

Tata , My Awesome Eye Bags !
Nice or Not ?

This Photo , No make up at all
and pimples attack my Face >.<

Okie , will be a short Post before I back Spore

What word I can used is - EXHAUSTED !

I am really tired about all of the assignments
and reports !
Sorry No cure !
Like what my friend told me
" You always too kind towards them"
They reason always make me fed up !

Anyway , I learn forgiveness through all of these
It is hard for me to do alone
I have to waste and spend lots of time
I dun know whether they can understand or not
I dun know whether they are guilty or not
But I do feel guilty when they told me They are STRESS !

Restless Holiday
I just HATE it !
I pray all of my assignments and presentation pass soon
I hope I can have 8 hours sleep
I hope I can back to joyful days
I hope I can spend more time at home
I hope I can do the things that I like =]

Off to bed now
4am again

Sweet dreams ya :)

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