Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Tiring Assignments Moment

Assignments period really torture and killing us
Indeed suffering a lot and a lot
Pity my eyes bag, u become deeper and deeper !

Busy for almost 1 month to complete group assignments
Sound nice is call " GROUP ASSIGNMENT "
but is more likely as individual assignment
coz As a sub-group leader
Most of the time gonna complete everything by myself
Sometime I even fall asleep at home
when I complete my assignment till half way

6 slides show, 2 report all done by my hands
All created by my brain cells
All think by using my SUPER BIG brain
Sorry my dear brain , U really din take a rest recently
Sometime even dream about assignment when I sleep =.=

Anyway, i have learned a lot through this
I know how to present and perform well in these
I try my best in everything
I wont blame by my God
My God will know what I have done..
I dun care how others ppl think
I just know that I already try all my best
And used up all my energy level
God, U will stay beside me...I know =)

Lastly, all my housemates and friends
who are the leader in this sem
Especially My Girlfriends Ronnica , Ivy
My roommate Bryan
My housemate John and Vanessa

Let's take a good rest after finish all of the assignments k ?

All the Best ya !

Gonna off to bed soon

Good Night ^___^

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