Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Final Exam coming soon ..

Well , degree 1st final exam coming soon
Nervous ..Tension
Any words also can describe my mood now
I dun like to out from my hse when i prepare my exam
I have t0 study 5 subjects
Actually 2 weeks is not enuf for me ...
Lat Week , i let myself rest for 3 days
Thrusday night back from Kampar ..

27 August 2010

I fetch ACY , Liew xi , jfang and irvon go suSHI
We went to Ayukuma having our sushi buffet
Is a nice place
Maybe is weekday
so dun have many ppl on tat day
We called a lot of food and enjoy our afternoon at there
We gossip a lot and take photos at there
After tat , we shift to Sutera Mall
Liew Xi bought a pair of shoes at there
We back home around 4.30pm
Coz Jfang wan 2 back home earlier
After fetch all of them back,
i drive back to my lovely home
Reach my home around 5.45pm
Very tired ...
Bath , having dinner , watch Tv
Lastly , have a nice sleep on tat day ..

28 August 2010

Since tat i promise ACY accompany her go Fy
So i juz follow her to go ..
We take bus to go this time
coz i 4get the road and i lazy to drive
3 of us off to FY after they end their class
We reach FY about 3pm
Super hot tat day ..
The 1st thing we buy at there is soft drink
We cant stand for the hot weather
so we juz find a place sit down and chit chat
ACY acc her "fans" go jalan jalan
Irvon and me take photos and chat
Around 4.45pm , we decided 2 back home ..
Very hard 2 get a bus at there
We wait around 35 mins juz managed to get in the bus
FY students oways "fight" for the seat
They even "climb" on the bus when the bus is moving
It is very dangerous but they din noticed tat
Luckily Kulai students wont like dis ..
Reach home about 7pm
walk for 1 whole day
so is the same case for me
Bath , dinner and then sleep ...

29 August 2010

It's Sunday
Nth to do at home
So i juz ask my sis go for high tea wif me
Both of us too boring
as my bros all go out ad
Me and sis had our high tea at 爆食馆
Is a nice place
even though some of the snacks is expensive
Both of us call warm chocolate cake
very nice ...deserve it ..XD
after tat , back home and chat wif mama
I sleep very earlier tat day
coz i not feeling well
So my 3 days pass

Now , i have to " lock" myself at home
coz i have 2 prepare my final exam
Dun feel wan to go out
Dun feel wan to go shopping
I need 2 focus and done well

Gambateh to all my friends
We can do it :D

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