Friday, August 6, 2010

Daily Life

Since long long time i din update my blog
Am i too busy ?
Definitely no i too lazy >.<
Recently juz busy of the nutrition fun fair
What word i can use to describe this fair ..
is 1 word...BORING
As a advertising committee , we really nth to do at tat day
juz walk here walk there
jazz around each booth to chat wif frens
Since 8.30am we reach campus Really nth can do ...
So we juz take photos and chat
I stay until 3.00pm den back to hostel
Becoz really boring n sleepy so directly shift back to hostel
Take a comfortable nap and enjoy my Hong Kong drama...
But through this nutrition fun fair
I get know lots of friends in fb
Nice to meet u all ...
I m glad that get know all of u ...^^

Next Wednesday is anatomy's quiz..
I have to study ya...
But really no mood to study
keep think about the drama jek
Hmmmm I must continue my study 2moro
cant lazy anymore
i cant betrayal hopes of my parents
I must get good grade in degree year , rite ?
Papa Mama , Sinyee will try the best ...

Dear , recently we keep argue right ?
Any problems between us ?
I really dun know ...
We lost our privity and communication ?
Yes , for me ..U r too busy of ur work
Yes , i also admit that i hope u can have time to accompany me ..
But my request really over about it ?
I only request that u acc me on sunday ..
But y u cant do it ?
I din request u to acc me 1 whole week...
What u do is only console me with some words
how i can withstand my bf treat me by using behavior of perfunctorily ?
I should angry rite ?
Tat's y i cry ...
I wan u to care about me
I wan u to concern about me
I wan u heard wat i m trying to say
I dun wan ur money arghhh !!
I still remember wat u told me that day ...
U say :
" 现在我真的很忙啊,连休息的时间都没有
我根本没有时间可以陪你, 我能给你的就是用钱补偿你,
U really wont guilty about it
But i hate this type of action
By using money can solve anything ?
G2000 formal wear 500 is a big deal ?

Yes , i like to spend money to buy clothes
But i wish ur accompany more than money !
Y u oways dun understand me ...
Y u oways wan me to live in carefree life ?
U think i will become mature after live in carefree life ?
Definitely i wont !
I only will spend more money to abreact my unsatisfied !
Dear , for me ....
I wan to meet u really hard
I wan to chat wif u super duper hard
I wan to chat wif who when face problems ?
U oways say.... " U are my girl , u are only 19 ,
I will protect u and stay wif u all the time"
Y u din abide ur consent ?
Y u olways left me alone to face all problems ?

But what i wan to say is ...
I wont blame u at all
Coz i love u from the bottom of my heart
I sincerely love u
I din love ur money at all ...
I believe that u will understand my feeling in 1 day
I believe u are my dear forever ...
I believe my dear will stay wif me

Dear , can hug me 1 minute ?
Ur hug is biggest console for me ...

I miss ur hug so much ....

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