Sunday, June 26, 2011

USS Post with friends

Went Universal Studio Singapore
wif my friends last Friday n Saturday
In the beginning , We plan to stay Hotel Micheal
But we cant managed to get it
Coz it is fulled booking
So our last choice is stay Harbour ville Hotel
Is Near Vivo City , $165 per night
U can take bus 61/143 directly to there
Included 2 breakfasts :)

It's a sunny day , all of us almost get sunburn
It's damn hot and crowded !
We reach there around 10.30am
We start our journey at USS around 11am
It's so excited wanna play the roller Coaster
Although I am damn scared and worrried
But i still wan to try it
Otherwise i will be very sorrow or regret...

The 1st game that we play is HUMAN
is still okay , not very exciting
I sit between 2 guys , Jer Min n Bryan
So feel more relief and relax
BUT 2nd time , 4 girls of us sit together
Damn scary that time !
We keep screaming and laughing that time
I really cant imagine how i play that game !
Guys , must try it if u all go USS
It's scary but FUN !

after that , we also play accelerator and others game
Maybe it's school holiday
So we have to wait around 140 mins at Jurassic Park
in order to play the Boat Loading game
Luckily i only get wet my left side
While My friend Whole body is get wet !

I also recommended Shrek 4D and Madagascar for u all
So funny n interesting
Very worth to watch it
U must watch it when u go there , kay ?

Here only USS part
View my next blog for Sentosa Siloso Beach
And imbiah lookout photos
And will recommended more interesting things for u all

Hehe :)
Stay tuned...

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