Sunday, June 12, 2011

80th Post - hate to pass through Custom

Have to back Sg tomorrow
Coz mum say cant concentrate study at home
so send me back to sg tomorrow
Asking me prepare final exam at hostel

So , i have no choice
I have to back sg by tomorrow morning >.<
Nowadays , Msia custom implant fingerprint system
Everyone who have to pass through custom
need to do the fingerprint...
And if the machine cant scan ur fingerprint
den u have to go to the office to register
So , can u imagine
if 1 car occupied with 5 ppl , den how long need to
pass through the checkpoint ?
Plus nowadays is Sg school holiday
Many ppl come Msia for vacation...

1st time ,i spend 4. 5 hours to reach home
n i promise my mum having breakfast with her
end up having lunch with her...

Walking from woodland ave to woodland checkpoint
Walking from woodlands checkpoint to msia custom
Driver also no choice
he say too much bus , too jam
if we wan 2 wait , at least need to wait 1 ++ hour
So ask us walk to the checkpoint...

So when i take a look on my both legs
5 blister on my leg >.<
damn pain ...T.T

tomorrow i have to pass through the custom again
God , pray everything go smoothly
and hope i wont so tired...

Tata...Off to bed soon :)

Good night , World <3

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