Friday, June 17, 2011

Sorry ...

Prince Godson and Mr Jackson
I really do not wan involve in any relationship yet
I haven prepare well
And i enjoy my single life now :)

Thank you for do anything for me
And i appreciate it so much
I treat u all as my friends and hope u all can understand...
Hope u all can get ur happiness soon
And i will send my best regards for u all...

Once again
So sorry about it
I really dun have time to dating
I really buzy of my studies and all my things
so please give me more time
And i dun wan a bf who control me all the time
I wan my personal space n time...
That's all...:)

My heart so pain
Why like this...

This type of feeling do not come n " visit " me such a long time
Why tonight got this type of feeling
hate n scare this type of feeling...

Hope i will be fine ...

Good Night world <3

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