Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Totally exhausted

Exam still need to be going on 4 more days
and now i have already totally exhausted
Keep reminding myself
Dun give too much stress for myself
I should take care of my health
Before i can win this terrible war...

Anyway , i am not sick
Just feel exhausted ..
This is 1st time that i use 1 mth
to prepare for 1 exam..
Last time juz spend some time
to do revision for foundation ...
Now , since week 13 i have to start my revision
Already 4 weeks , i have non-stop
Everyday cant eat well even sleep well
I face insomnia problem everyday
I only can sleep when around 3 something ..
Even i am sleep ,
I also feel that my physical rest
But mental still have to work work work

Why like this ?
This is not the life that i want
I am a positive thinker
And i like to enjoy my life
I appreciate what i have in my life
But i also feel disatified when i face stress
I cant cope the stress problems
I have to be friend wif stress everyday ..
I have to think about exam every moment ..

I am tired
I dun have enuf time talk 2 my mum
Whenever i call her ..
I dun have a private time
To do the things that i wan to do
I dun have enuf time to talk to my Dear
Whenever he is helpless and need consolation
I dun have time to spend my mooncake festival
I miss my home , My life ...

Anyway , I have to go through all of this
I will tell myself :
"There are no sweetness before u go through bitterness
Even though i hate the taste of bitterness "

Keep it up for 4 more days ...
I believe I can
And i believe all of u can

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