Monday, September 13, 2010


Since long time i din blogging
I had to prepare my degree 1st final exam
Back home during study week
It is because i no need to do anything at home
Mummy will prepare everything for me
And i can focus study at a comfortable place =)
Anyway , it is a tough process for me
5 subjects need to study
Structural Biochemistry
Introduction to japanese
Mathematics for Bioscience

It is hard and need to spend lots of time to study
Everyday memories and memories
Realised that nowadays i not good in memories
I cant remember all the contents and terms used
I have to study at least 2 times juz can remember

Maybe it is too stress to me
I have to relax my mind
Give myself a short break ...
Sometime i will cry
But din cry in front of any1
becoz i dun wan anybody worried about me
I will cry during bathing
I am too stress , i admit about it ...
I wan to get good marks
But then i also wish exam pass soon
I wan enjoy my holidays
with my family
My dear
My friends ...

Hope exam can pass soon
Hope all my friends get good grades
Hope my holiday come faster

Tat's all for today =)

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