Saturday, July 17, 2010

Tired Student Life

Recently too tired of my life
Exam all is around the corner
Reports need to pass up on submit date
So need to revise for exam
n complete those scary reports..
Speechless >.<

Nowadays spend weekend at Kampar
is okay for me..
Coz many things wait me 2 complete it
I have 2 complete my work b4 i back home
I wont feel homesick anymore ...
so i hope i wont bring many work 2 go back
Becoz i know Mummy will worried about men
My Dear will keep nagging ..

Have the feeling of collapse
Sleep at 5.30am , wake up at 10.30am
5 hrs really not enuf for me...
I can pay out anything juz becoz my studies
But i need rest too..
I wish i can sleep 20 hrs when i back hometown next week
I hope i can stay at home for 4 days
I really tired n need a peace environment for me 2 rest
But ...I think it is hard for me...
Coz i promise my dear n my friend ,
I will go out wif them ...
So planning 2 go out wif my dear on thrusday
Wif Xi on Saturday
Friday n Sunday spend my time at home
to read nutrition...
So , I wish i can follow my plan n schedule
Pls dun make any changes on my plan ,
Especially My mummy ...
I know u oways request me 2 rest
But this is not the suitable time for me 2 have a good rest
I will have a good rest during sem break...

Yesterday planning where we wan 2 go during sem break
Plan that go to Genting after final exam
So hope our wish can come true ya ...
Wish We can release our stress at there
n have a lots of fun wif my friends ^^ !!
Take a lots of photos wif them
n chat until midnight..

Wait that day to come ....

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