Monday, July 19, 2010

Smile :D

I hope i can blogging at here everyday
coz i wan record down all incidents in 1 day..
But i think it is hard for me
coz sometime have 2 rush report
n assignment so not enuf time for me
But anyway , i will Try my best to do it..

I feel very stress in these 2 weeks
Maybe is the reason of exams
make me cant sleep well
even eat well...
My heart start to pain
I dun know y ...
But i din tell my family
coz i dun wan they worried about me

I juz sms my dear i m very stress
he reply me
" My girl , please smile ,
Everything will be ok for u ...
Please dun give up although
u r suffering a lot n stress ..
Girl , try ur best ok...dun compete
wif others , juz compete wif urself,
I believe u can do it "...

Once again , thx my dear
u r encourage me all the time
Ur encouragement make me relax

I will try my BEST in anything...

I promise ...

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