Thursday, July 15, 2010

Eveything is fine ....

After quarrel wif my Dear
I din talk to him almost 4 or 5 days
Hmmm...not i m bad
juz cant forgive him so easy
haha..Muz let him know i really ANGRY dis time
This few days juz reply him
Some perfunctorily word like 哦, 嗯...
When he sms me ..
Hahahaha ~

M i very bad ??
I dun think so ....
I dun wan every time tolerate wif him
I wan to be myself
I wan live wif stateliness
So i wont say sorry n compromise this time..
He oways stand high above the masses
He oways think that he is right n powerful..
As his gf...i shud follow any instruction
I dun wan !!
I pretend nth is happened
I told myself...
If he really LOVE me
He will apologize to me
If he really LOVE me
He will lower one's head say sorry to me
If he really LOVE me
He will show out his sincerity

If he din do anything
Den shud i say bye bye to him ?
I dun know....

I Love him
But i cant let anybody control me
I love him
But i cant let him oways limited my freedom
I Love him
But i dun like he like " big man"

I cant let go off my hand...
Because I love Him as my man
Because I still can feel that he is caring about me
Because I know he only care about me
Because I know he do everything for me silently
Because I know he pay out a lot for me
Because I know he willing to use his life 2 protect me

I cant so bad to say bye bye
becoz of small matter...

Even i feel that he cant lose temper on me
But sometime i also lose temper on him too
He juz accept it silently n din rebut...
Where i shud go to search such a kind man ?
Although u r not the best in this word
But he is the best in my heart ...

He work hard 2 earn $$$
He accompany me when i back hometown
He cancel all the appointments
Juz i dun like he go out at night...
He buy a big doll for me
Although i juz simply say i like it...
He bring me 2 shopping
Juz because i say i m stress...
He wake up early in the morning
Juz because i say i wan eat dim sum...
He is a silly guy in this word
Even mummy also support him all the time
Mummy oways scold me because i lose temper
Mummy oways call me to cherish him...
Mummy oways ask me to think about his virtue
Mummy , i m ur daughter or he is ur son ??

Anyway , thnx my mummy n Dear
Both of u oways at the same boat
When i face problems ,
U all will settle for me...
What i need to do juz focus on studies...
I no need to worried about anything....

2day u phone me when i m study Anatomy
U start ur conversation ..
" Wei , y u so small gas de ..."
" Ya meh , none of ur business "
" Ok lar , what u wan me to do "
" No need , carry on ur life "
" Y i got such a small gas gf "
" Diam lar u ...i dun wan talk 2 u "
" Ok's enuf , Pls dun rebut back anymore ,
I know u r angry n u r hurt ,
Sorry My dear , i not hurt u on purpose ...
That day i m buzy n frustrating ,
I hope u wont mind n dun put everything in ur heart
Sincerely , i apologize to u ...."
" Can i say i reject ? If i reject i like create difficulties to u
So since u r apologize , I accept BUt ..."
" But wat ...faster talk , i still have things to do "
" If u r impatience , u can buzz up phone now "
" U win each time "
" But i hope u can gentle next time "
" I oways gentle , juz u oways loud ur voice "
" U say again i will killing u "
" Haha , Ok lar ..come come , let me hug hug k "
" Blek , i m Kampar now "
" Silly girl girl , next week we go shopping n movie k "
" Huh ? u so free "
" Hmmm ...yup , holiday on thrusday "
" Tat's good ya ! "
" Yup , i know u sure happy about it "
" Hng , sure lar ...Since long time din go out wif u"
" Yala yala , promise u will have a nice day "
" Okay ..."
" Hmm , my girl so easy to satisfied "
" Hmm , my boy so bad oways make me angry "
" Haha , yala yala "
" Haha , ok lar , go do ur work right now "
" Ok , see u next week , wat time will reach "
" Around 3++ lar , still need ask meh "
" Okay lar , i will wait n go to fetch u, my girl "
" Okay Okay , if u din come i will kill u "
" Haha , go do revision now "
" Okay , bye .."
" Bye .."

Everything is fine for me now

I love my gentle n humble baby boy

I love my baby boy from bottom of my heart

I love my boy boy since i was very young

3 years pass , but we still love each other so much
Our relationship still " hot " n stable

Dear , Trust n interact is most important in 1 relationship

What i need is Trust n Freedom
Thx for cheer me up in many times
Thnx for ur apologize
Thnx for make my heart comfortable right now

Lastly , Thnx for ur sincelery LOVE towards me..



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