Tuesday, April 10, 2012

半岛西海岸,寻食游_____终 ♥

当当,我回来了~ !
But 因为我要考试,所以简单跟你们说说啦, okie ?
先来一张合照,我的 style :)

1st Day - Depart from Changi Airport
讨人厌的 Tiger Airways 竟然delay 45mins
End up , 12pm we just arrived LCCT , KL.
Wait for John at Marrybrown.
1st station - Heading to John's house to put our luggage.
After that , 板面板面。
We do it by ourselves !
Oh yeahhh , my 1st time of doing that.
Not bad Not bad :)
Give a big applause to 4 of us ! :D

Evening time , we're heading to Sungei Wang.
We having our dinner at T-bown restaurant.
Is a toilet Concept restaurant.
Cheese Baked Rice is nice , view photos in my fb k ?
highly recommended !!
M-U-S-T GO !
After that , we're heading to pavilion for movie time.
Soul of the bread - 爱情 xxx
I forget the name jor , sorry >.<
So-so only , i almost fall asleep inside the theatre.
1st day E-N-D.

Okay Okay , dun forget , our 2 noble drivers along the trip.
Wong Bryan and John.
辛苦了,两位 ! :D
Handsome right ?
真的真的 :)
I am so 38 and I know it.

Okay , let's proceed to 2nd day
we continue our journey to Malacca!
yeahhh , here we come !
"Solved " our lunch at Jonker street
Walk along the jonker street and check in hotel.
Settle our dinner at Portugese Settlement.
After that , we take a small cruise and take a stroll.
RM 10 for amlost 30 mins , worth it lar.
Satay Celup as our supper before
dating with Mr " Zhou Gong "
2nd day E-N-D.

3rd Day , back to Kl from Malacca.
5pm , we're heading to Genting Highland.
Erhmm Erhmmm ,
My very 1st time taking the Genting Cable Car
Not scary as I think , luckily >.<
Reach Genting almost 6pm ++
We settle our 1st round dinner at 好味 , 1st world hotel.
2nd round dinner at Pizza Factory , Highland Hotel.
Starbucks Coffee as my supper , hehe :)
3rd day E-N-D.

4th Day is a rest day.
Back From Genting , we proceed to 1 Utama.
Solved our dinner at there , Teppanyaki.
After that , we proceed to Damansara for supper.
Reach home quite earlier,
for preparation for next morning.
4th Day E-N-D.

5th day , we're going to proceed to Tambun , Ipoh.
Wake up at 5.45am ,
I am super not willing to wake up.
Reach Tambun around 9am , still early >.<
Having breakfast at Tambun MCD.
I dun know what i am going to introduce to you all.
Lost World Hotel , SO-SO.
Not perfect as we think.
So i am not highly recommended about it.
Lost world theme park , again SO-SO
RM 45 per entry.
you can consider Sunway Lagoon or Melaka wonderland better.
But since we all din went there before
so just TRY !
But what i cant denied is , Views at there is damn nice !
Bring your DSLR there,
you will love it for sure ! :)
So i hope i can been there again with my DSLR ! :)

Flexible Trip is suddenly come out with
different ideas , hahaha :)
We have decided heading to Penang after our lunch.
Take almost 2hours ++ to reach Penang ,
My Penang , My Pride ? !
Off to Gurney Drive , call for different types of foods.
Again , Nice !
Buffet and foods from big restaurant sometime
really cant compare with 道地美食/小吃.
Before heading back to Ipoh ,
We shopping at Gurney Plaza.
5th Day E-N-D.

6th Day , we're heading to Ipoh Town for good foods also !
Search from internet , 天津 is famous of hor-fun.
Hmmm , not bad not bad :)
But unfortunately , egg custard is sold out !
200 eggs per day , where got enough yoo ?
Nvm , I must go and try again next time.
Wait me Wait me.
Bean sprout chicken , Popian , Egg Custard ,
Salted Chicken , White Coffee ..
We've try all !
Ipoh indeed a good place with good foods !
I will come again soon.
安记芽菜鸡, see you next time ! :D
Heading back to KL after trying all those foods.
Movie time- Street Dance 2
at Tropicana Mall. (Am i right ? )

Having our supper at Station 1 Cafe.
Suddenly pop out a idea , we're heading to Port Dickson !
I feel so funny when I am recall-ing now.
We're so excited yet our MR. jOHN so " wu nai "
But end up , we're still able to make it to Port Dickson.
Reach Port Dickson around 3am.
No hotel at Port Dickson , so we rent a hotel atSeremban.
I think this is the 2nd time I been to Seremban.
Last day , we having our lunch at Tarot Cafe
before heading back to home.
Highly recommended too , foods is not bad.

Reach home around 7pm
I am like a "dead fish" when i reach home.
I am so tired but I still insist to arrange all those photos
before proceed to my bed.
End up , I am sick now.
I dun care , It's still worth for me to play 1st , Sick later.
Hehehe :)

When you're super tired ,
you will be very frustrating when someone keep
"complain" everything beside you.
Even though is on phone.


It's rainning now , I have to back to my study world.
I am very sorry just because of my simple blogging
My final exam is next week,
I have to study :)
So , add on next time when i am finish my exam ya.


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