Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The week after Exam.

Okie , I am here again.
Since I promise I will update my blog after exam.
But Blogspot is changed a lot and a lot.
I feel a bit lost when updating this post.
I dun know some of my friends cant read Chinese
So I try to type in English k ?
Will try my best :)
I know I look like a panda after exam.
Counted and counted ,
I burn the midnight oil for almost 1 month
Since I start my trip with my friends.
So , I have to edit my photo 
and let myself look " fresh " a bit..xDD
So please tolerate with my tired looking,
I am fine and still "Okay de".

Some of my friends in facebook , I dun know who are you.
I am very sorry about that.
They're asking about those foods that posted by me.
Okay , let me tell you how to search for good foods.
It's very easy , find 1 gang of nice friends,
that have same interest with you ,
I means searching for good foods.
Then you'll have lots of chance can taste for nice foods ! :D
This is the solution for me and I am very glad 
I have 1 gang of nice friends can go anywhere with me ! xDD
Love Love <3 

Here are 2 photos for you , from Fish Market.
Fish Market are available in Msia and Singapore.
Student Meal start at 2pm onwards till 6pm.
Prices are reasonable , within $10 including GST.

 Okie , I posted 2 more photos here.
Foods also from Clarke Quay , fine cuts.
Western food restaurant.
Start their business at 12pm.
Lunch Set Meal and Dinner Set Meal available.
you'll find out the share is quite small and not enough
if you're a big eater.
But usually it's enough for a girl.
So , let's my picture talks ,
I gonna save my breath for others things.

Enough of the foods.
Otherwise I will be very hungry if I am continuing.
Let's talk about something funny ! :D
We go for prawning fishing when Addy come Sg.
It's my 2nd time went there with them.
It's because we went there on weekday,
so very less people and very quite.
you know What I am doing ?
Many people ask Is It very boring right ?
Hmmm , it's not at all !
you know why ?
Because I go for catching longkang fish !
Oh yeahhh , is damn enjoyable and funny.
I know my skill is very " lame " lar , hahaha..xDD
Coz I only catch for 1 fish.
Wallace , Addy , Bryan and Vanessa help me to catch.
But I am still very enjoy about it
even though my whole body is almost wet and 
my CK watch is almost " spoilt " by me !
you will feel It's very impossible and childish 
for a 21st years old girl to do that.
But who care ? I dun care. and I know , They dun care too.
This is called " L.I.F.E ".
If you're interesting , go there too !
Opps , I forget to introduce prawning.
I know 3 of them is quite enjoy 
Even though I dun know prawning at all,
but at least I knwo it's require some skills ,
and I hope I can learn from them someday,
when they're become expert and able to teach me.
It's very interesting too to watch them prawning
when you see their face expresion.
Still the same quote from me,
  Pay a visit there k and here is the Venue.
Bottle Tree Park , Khatib , Singapore.
Go and goggle about it if you want to go there.
$10/set for longkang fish catching.
and $14.50/ hour for prawning.
Here , show you a lovely photo of 5 of us ! 


I have introduce finish my L.I.F.E.
I know some people very funny ,
they're asking me
" Are you studying or working ,
But i feel you like go enjoy everyday "
Okay , fine. Here , let me answer you.
Please , Life should be balanced.
Beside study or working ,
give yourself sometime to enjoy or relax.
It's not a M.U.S.T to spend lots of money to relax.
Let me teach you ,
went to a quite and peaceful cafe ,
Enjoy a cup of caramel machiato or capucciono
It's also called R.E.L.A.X.
and went to some state or nearby countries to travel,
It's also called E.N.J.O.Y.
So please dun " cage" yourself up.
Go out and look for some entertainment.
you'll find that your life actually is awesome !
别让青春留白哟 !

Lastly , what I want to say is.
Now I know what is called listened to all the things
and filter the impotant points by yourself.
Because I have listened to many things from people around me,
sometime I admit my mind is being affected by somebody.
But since you're my friend or
I choose to believe you.
I will persist my choice and perception.
No matter how much you want influence me
but too bad ,
I have my own opinion in everything.
So , save your breath some time k ?
your words only will "stay" in my heart temporary.
I admit I obtain short term memories.

Enough for this post ,
it's spend me alomost 1 hour
and I still let myself to adapt to this new format
Hope I can learn as fast as possible.
Charged myself for few days before start my attachment.
It's time to date with my bf - Mr Zhou Gong.
NitezzZZ everyone.

p/s: View more photos on my fb albums ya.

With love ,

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