Saturday, March 24, 2012

yeahhh ! Rewind of year 2 sem 1.

Finally , year 2 sem 1 is finished !
Can I mix this Post with English and Chinese ?
I know you all dun mind right ?
Hehe =)
Yesterday ended y2s1 with last phase test
Terrible , Horrible and Vegetable !
I am keep trembling my hand non-stop
I am so so so nervous !
But anyway , I am PASSED ! :D

Finalized for this semester ,
Actually the life is still the same
Assignments , tests and Phase test
When the time is longer ,
I try to accept that everything occur in my life
I try to accept other's people attitude
When I am unable to complete the works,
How i can expect my group members complete for me?
How can i expect can do better than me ?
I am really accept this truth and fact now
and I know..
We must learn from each others.
It's because everyone have their own characteristics !
No matter how young of she/he is,
He/She will mature than me sometime.
Now i am realize about it.
Anyway , I feel that my group is getting closer and closer
Our relationship can describe as Diana mentioned to me,
like a " FAMILY ".
yeah , indeed. Like a " FAMILY "
I Love my Group
I pray that my group members all can get flying color
in final exam that around the corner.

8 weeks for sem 2 , I have already went for so many places,
just for EATING !zzZZ
I went for 1 steamboat , 2 buffets
and many western foods and some japanese foods.
How you want me to keep fit ?
Haha :)
Those foods indeed SEDUCING me all the time !
* slurp slurp *

Ermmm , I am almost forget what i am do in this sem.
We are planning for Bryan's Birthday almost 1 month
Actually , It'll be very funny if you're involve in
this kind of " matter "
coz friends around you always come out of lotsa of IDEAS !
Hahahaha :)
Anyway , It's succeed !
Even though sometimes we do burn the midnight oil
Last night I just discover i haven finalize
and complete the video ,
COmplete it until 1am ++ , assignments stop
very funny , but still finish it :)
成就感,不错不错 ! :D :D :D
Anyway, Happy Birthday Wong Bryan and Yao Yao !<3

Happy Birthday to my dearest Mum too !
Thank you for take care 4 of us all the time
You've never failed to show your love to us
We use our heart to feel it ,
Sincerely thank you from our mouth
and also ,
We LOVE you , MUM !

Lastly , 戏剧化的事情终于在眼前发生了。
可是我有时真的做不到,我真的做不到 !
原来我真的不了解 >.<
I live under my parent's , my friends's protection all the way
我才知道,原来 I am totally out of solutions !
人性的复杂 ,人性险恶的一面
我要加油 !!!

Enough of all of my things and "report " here,
Going to update again after my trip ! Hehe :)
Going to have 1 weeks trip with my college friends
start from 02 April.
I am super looking forward about it,
ESP Tambun Ipoh !!!
We are coming soon :D :D :D

Tomorrow is Sunday,
I want 睡到自然醒 !!!

Bye , Off to bed now =D

- God bless you all as always -

With Love <3

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