Saturday, May 14, 2011

Exam is around the corner

Hmmm , Exam is around the corner
Start Monday , we have test on every week
so we have to start doing revision everyday
and this must become a habitat for all of us...
Anyway , I also go many places before exam
Let my pictures talk...

We went to Orchard Road
Chee weng wan to ask about the price of Ipad and Iphone
We walk from orchard to somerset
Many branded shop but we din go in
Window shopping at there also quite enjoy :)

We sit the long long escalator at there
View of Orchard is so beautiful
How i hope i can stay at Orchard , haha ~

This photo is edit by my Iphone Instagram software
It is quite interesting software
because u can choose different effect to decorate ur photo
after that , u can share wif ur friends at twitter or fb
Friends , let try it k ^^
Having dinner at Jurong Point food center
Having small steamboat
cost 4.95 dollar
Worth to eat !
Jom , we go together next time ...:)

Lastly , this is my study table
My pencil case, laptop and Iphone
all spread on my table
because no time to tidy it , haha....
But still consider neatly ma , right ?
okay lar , gonna tidy it after exam...

Sighhh , I fall sick now
and almost no sound ordy...
After take medicine
I gonna rest earlier
Tata , all my friends...

Gambateh and Good Luck
to all my
College friends <3

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