Tuesday, May 17, 2011

77th Post - Jb Trip

Tata , This is my 77th post at here...
Thank you to those friends who always view my blog
Thx for concern ya...Love u all <3

Okay , Related to topic today
17 May , went to JB with my co
llege friends
Actually jb is my hometown ri
So i become "tour guide" today
Luckily No traffic Jam
And we reach Jb almost 1
Okaysss , Let my pics talk 2
u all :)

Having our breakfast at Kfc
RM5.00 per set
So convert to sg dollar is ...??
Haha , count yourself k ...
After our breakfast , we start our shoppi
ng day at cs

They went Lots of shop
And "shop" quite detail
If compare to us , Local johorian
Anyway , i am enjoy choosing things wi
th my friends
And my friends is so funny
Because they will convert to sg dollar evything
Ya , they are right..
Coz some things is cheaper in
While some is cheaper in M'sia
So think twice and compare 1st
Before buy..

After that , 1++
We went to 5th floor, Neway
We wan Sin K!
8Pax totally...
RM32 per person
Gt drinks, food and snacks
Even though those food at there nt so nice
but we still finish it :)

Jermin so paiseh and i Feel
he more familiar in English Song
Haha , No need paiseh next time kayss
Coz we all are friends ya...

Wallace Like very tired ordy>.<

Arsnl So high
sing till stand on the sofa
his sound quite funny but
we enjoy listen to his singing :)

Lastly , take a group photo outside Neway
End our 1 day Jb Trip...

It's so tired to travel between Jb and Sg
I hope my friends can rest well today
And hope them enjoy 1 day Jb Trip
I enjoy shopping with u all ya...
Hope next time still can go jb together :)

Tata, I wan off to bed now
I will update if i gt something new to blog here..
hehe ~

Good Night , My Dear World...

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