Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sunday night ♥

Spend my Sunday night with My Dear
It's a lovely and no argue 's night
Since when , I have less time can be together
With my dear...

I treasure every moment with him
Enjoy the moment of chatting ,
Enjoy the moment of shopping
Also enjoy the moment in the car ...

Had shushi buffet with him last night
My dear is too refined ,
He din ate too much
I dun know why ....
Maybe he is too busy with his work
So he no mood or too tired to eat ...
He just keep laughing me when i am eat
Because i really can eat different type of sushi
And i have my " special way " to eat
haha ...=) It's a secret between both of us ...

Eat around 1.5 hrs
It's really too full
So we have some desserts before leaving the place
After that , we walk around 5 min to the shopping mall
We dun wan sit car
because we need exercise after having a great meal =)
Walk around 1 jam ,
I din buy anything ...
Coz i gonna travel to kl soon
so better save more money to kl
My dear juz buy some stuffs ...

Back home at 9.30pm
Watch Astro ( 322 ) , Confucius
My Dear had watch the drama before
But i haven watch it
So , he juz accompany me to watch it...
Wait till 11 ++ juz bath
He keep nagging me go to bath
But i really lazy >.<
After bath , fb-ing a while ...
Sleep ...

Feel great although it is simple
Everything will become fine
and happiness when u are beside me ...

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