Friday, October 21, 2011


Read through the online bible
God teach us to appreciate everything around us
So , I have to appreciate everything or every one
appear in my life :

Thanks to those whose hated me,
You made me stronger.

Thanks to those who loved me,
You made my heart fonder.

Thanks to those who cared,
You made me feel important.

Thanks to those who left,
You showed that nothing lasts forever.

Thanks to those who stayed,
You showed me true friendship.

Thanks to those who listened,
You made like I was worth it.

Thanks to those who entered into my life,
You made me who i am today.

God , Can u grant me a broad shoulder ?
God, Can u just send an active listener for me?

I am not greedy ,
I am totally exhausted nowadays
Tasks is overload :(

I gonna tell myself be strong all the time
Tears cant drop so easily ,
I have to be strong !
No matter what happened :'(

God , can u please take away my waist pain
I know the condition is become worsen
Sometime, I really cant withstand the pain
But the stupid doctor is away!
I just hate the pain so much !
Make me almost cry sometime.
Mum always said that cant carry the heavy things
The heaviest things is my school bag.
Arghhh , I hate it >.<

God , only u know...
What I really want.

Is 4.55am
Gonna off to bed

Good Night World ^___^

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