Monday, October 17, 2011

Follow and Listen to your heart ♥

Follow you heart in doing everything
So what I want to do now is SLEEP
can i go sleep now?
Yes, Of course !
After I finish this post , I gonna off to my lala land
Tomorrow I still need to go to Library
so I better sleep earlier today ...

As Usual , dun always mentioned that I put aeroplane
I just promise I will update
but do give me some times k
I still got many assignments haven finish yet >.<
Can u all help me to do so?
No right, I have to think by myself.
Is okay , I gonna put more effort in it.
Stop talking about assignments
I just feel very frustrating about it
especially in this SEM !
the job is overload
Make us always burn the midnight oil >.<

Let me think what had happened for past few weeks
Addy come at 7 Oct 2011
So we went to Jb Seoul Garden having our dinner
Is awesome !
Even though I already went many time before..
We went to ECP on 2nd day
I cycle 10++ km in my these 20 years !
Is break my record before
Once i tell my mum
She just cant believe about it...
Mum, is truth !
Okie, we went to prawn fishing on 3rd day
Also my 1st time follow my friends to prawn fishing
coz usually is my dad bring me go
and is very boring coz i very impatient to wait for those fishes !
But go with friends is totally different experience
I super enjoy environment at there
and I like nature looking of those kids :)
Enjoy my weekend with my friends ^__^

The following week
I back home !
Since 1 month i din back home
I feel so warm when reach home
especially sis also back from kl
so that we all can gather together :)
I love my family so much !
Even though we have to face some problems nowadays
but I believe we can solve it
Papa Mama , I love you !
Thank You for always providing the best things ever
for 4 of us !
Sis and bros, I love you all to !
Even though we hardly to gather can chat together like last time
but our relationship still close
3 of you always delight my day !

Hang out with sis and friends the whole day
Sis become my personal driver
Her driving skill do improved at all
since she study at kl...
Good, my driver =]
Less time to stay at home
because too many places have to go !
Sorry mum, I will stay at home during study week

I just want to stop at here,
I am TIRED =[

Anyway , I love and enjoy my life with u all
lets my photos talk
or do view my facebook albums , okie?

I gonna off to my bed now,
Bye :)


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