Monday, July 18, 2011

Clinical Attachment

Short Internship
We call Clinical Attachment
is starting today
Till 29 July 2011
Is only 10 days for this semester
While it is quite busy
and will be learning lots of things in Hosp :)

I internship at Gleneagle Hospital Singapore
Is a quite famous and expensive hosp in Singapore
I can see lots of branded cars
park in front of the main entrance
and Most of the patients will take cab to there
This show that they are so rich ,
haha :)

Gleneagle Hospital occupied with good facilities
and every specialist accumulate at there
So i believe that these 2 weeks will be very interesting
and hope to get know more friends and seniors :)

Lastly , Hope we wont fainted juz like Mr SxLx
I dun wan any replacement
I still wan shift my house and continue my vacation in Penang
with my bestie and crazy with them...xDD

Even though it is impossible
But i still hope when i super tired
U can stand outside my ward and telling me
" CA will pass soon and hang on there
U will be okay "
hehe, think too much :)

Gonna off to bed now

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