Saturday, July 16, 2011


Why I feel my life suddenly become
so complicated like Formula of Mathematics
I hate this type of feeling !
I just hope leading the simple life
and focus on my studies !

I am just too kind in everything
that appear around me ?
Anyway , I just try my best in everything...
If u know me well
Then u know , that is my characteristic ...

Mr A and Mr B is the male lead
Mr A is emo type person
Mr B is straightforward person
Mr C , i think consider as the middle person ba
Miss M and Miss N also the middle person

Mr A got lots of unsatisfied towards Mr B
Ms M and N just say
" If u have any unsatisfied , den u can tell "
Miss M and N really din force Mr A to talk anything
Miss M and N just hope Mr A
can feel more comfortable when say out his problems

After Mr A talk out his problems
Miss M and N feel really uncomfortable
and try the best , take the risk to help Mr A
so just skype with Mr B and msn Mr C

Mr B very agitate about this
I cant imagine what will happened
if Mr A and B sit down together and talk
Mr A's tone totally different when he talk to Mr B
just compare with the tone
that he talk to Miss M and N
They say the problems is solved
But i dun think the problems is really solved...

Mr C maybe wan sleep already
so his tone also a bit harsh
Until Miss M and N wan cry already..
Mr C , i know...
U always said that
" Nothing to do with u ,
Dun make the things worse
and please dun waste the energy and Time "
I can acceptable what u try to said
but please dun use that type of harsh tone
really hurt u know >.<
And Mr C , i know Mr A treat u very good
but we just give a suggestion
hope u can finish everything by yourself in the future
just let Mr A treat everybody as the same 1
and dun let anybody feel that Mr A is unfair..

Miss N and Mr B
dun let friendship affected both of u's relationship
It's not worth at all !
Miss N sure will stand your side forever
and I will always become your listener too :)
I believe U just straightforward in everything
And i believe both of u
can solve the obstacle together with each other...

Mr A and Mr C
i treat both of u as my best friends
Mr A
U should change ur mind and attitude too
Everything make it so sad and suffering
Life wont be better for u
Dun always said that U can solo
Yes , u can...
But why dun wan accept ppl around u
Join the ppl around u
Try to communicate well and understand
people around you
You will feel that
Your life is full of happiness :)
I hope u can understand about it...

Mr C
i just can say ,
U are a good person
If same thing happen to you
I also will stand your side
I know you are quite rational
I din blame u when u are try to talk 2 me
I can understand ur good intention
And i acceptable that everything u told me :)
Sorry for any inconvenience that cause for u ...

Lastly , hope everything can be safe at new house
and hope conflict can solve...

In the end , Miss M and N is GG
Miss M and N insomnia

and I know
Dun try to be kind person in the future
and Dun try to solve anything that
unrelated to u ...

Thank You Mr C
now i realize this logic and Theory...

Peace ..Peace..Peace..

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