Sunday, May 30, 2010

New Life ..

Times flies
2moro i need 2 start my degree life
I m quite excited n nervous
I hope can get know lots of new friends
I hope can get good result in degree
I hope I can become a strong girl ..^^

2day My hostel come lots of gals
Mostly of them r foundation student
Their parents bring them here
I understand their feeling
They dun wish to leave home
They hope can stay beside their dearest parents
They hope they can back hometown at this moment
They hope next weekend coming faster
I understand...

One of my hsemate , zhiying
She come from Sabak Bernam
actually is quite near Kampar
She knock my door n asking me how 2 check the timetable
I go her room n help her
Tat time she is crying
I sympathy to her ...
She told me tat she haven leave her family for 18 years
I told her everybody is the same
But i told her
" This is the time for u 2 learn independent,
U can get know lots of friends ,
U can try to enjoy ur campus life
U will cherish ur family
U will learn how 2 survive at outside "
I encourage her 2 be strong
I encourage her to get know friends at here
I hope she can enjoy her life at here , Kampar...

Wish all freshmen enjoy ur life
Wish all my friends enjoy our degree's life
I love u all

Lastly ,
Daddy, Mummy
I miss u all~

I love u deeply...

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