Saturday, May 29, 2010

Sorry Dear ..

Once again , sorry my dear
This is 2nd year i din celebrate ur bday wif u ..
I know u will mind about it
But u dun wan 2 tell n upset me..
u keep telling me " dear , no need back jb lar, is ok"
I m sad when i hear about it..
I still remember ,
3 months ago , I promise i will be back when ur bday coming
I promise I will stay beside u ..
I promise I will chat wif u until midnight
I promise We will make wish 2gether
I promise I will hold ur hand to cut the cake
I promise anything.....
But nothing i can do !!!
How how how...
I know u r sad , but u din blame me at all
U keep asking me to concentrate on studies
U even promise will buy a new water bottle for me..
I not dare 2 cry in front of u
U will request me to be a strong girl...
U will hug me tightly n tell me u wont leave me
U will kiss my forehead n request me 2 stay forever wif u..
Thx , My Dear..
I m proud of ur performance
I m proud of ur attitude
I m proud of ur hardworking
I m proud of ur thinking
Lastly ....
I m proud to be ur Girlfriend...

Dear , I love u deeply
Thx for ur softly
Thx for ur tolerance
Thx for ur understandable
Thx to be my BabyBoy ! ....

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