Sunday, June 3, 2012

June 2012

Lala , June is coming.
So fast Right >.<
I am working for 5 weeks dy.
Finally left 2 weeks 
and holiday is around the corner ,
yeahhhhhh <3 <3
Start my June with my family <3
With lots of love and good foods of course.
Here , see the photo :)))
 La Gourmet Desserts
Jalan Kuning 2 , Taman Pleangi.
It's just behind Pelangi Shopping Mall.
Highly recommended to all my friends
who love desserts as me :)
Price is reasonable.
RM 25.90 for you to enjoy " ICE"!
Foods is quite nice ,
I love pineapple fried rice of course :)
It's my favourite !
More photos , view my fb ya.
 Enjoy my time with my beloved family.
 Sometime I also will emo :(
Emo for what ? For no reason.
Human beings wont be happy everyday
Neither do I.
But I insist of my own rules.
I dun want to " spread" my emo
to people around me.
I just want to bring happiness and joy
to my friends and family.


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