Saturday, March 10, 2012

March Post

Okay , i know i am very lazy
But indeed I am very busy ?
I am busy , really.

Why so many people dun believe ?


1 month can update once already consider not bad

Since i have so many assignments going to rush.
Sometime , i do feel frustrating about
assignments and test >.<
But I only can tell myself " you can do it "

Am i really can do it ?
I really dun know.
Assignmentsand group members do challenge
my patience in many time.

But what to do ?

" TOLERATE " Hmm, the only way..xDDD

Sincerely apologize to some friends

but I am fine , k ?

Dun worries , my life is still the same wat =.=
Recently like nothing special , nothing events
can make the life colorful a bit.

I think my group 2 steamboat outing is interesting !

Hmmm , indeed is a happy and relax night

with my classmate :)

Even though we come from different countries

maintain different culture

but we still able to communicate ^__^


Nice memories in my collge life

Thanks God,

you're granting me 1 brunch of sweet friends.

Learned something new ?

hmmm, indeed.

I do learn something new from people around me

Even though is younger or elder than me

But it does inspire or motivate my life :)

Thanks , make my mentality and mind feel better now ^__^

Stop here, I am back to my assignments life.

Update on April again , hehe !

Opps , I forget to introduce baristas Cafe
Nice coffe shop i have been before :)
Love coffee at there.
Delight my Saturday yeah ! :D

Friends , enjoy your life
Bye ! =D

With Love <3

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