Friday, February 24, 2012

Headache Year 2 Sem 1

I really dun know why I am still stuck at here
at this hour , is already 3.30am.
My mind is totally blank and dun know what to do.

Yesterday just finish 1 phase test
quite satisfied with myself performance
As long as pass , will do :)

But PCM and Med-surg is coming soon
and around the corner !
PS and med-surg assignments's due date
also around the corner !

This is the 1st time I feel breathless
since i study at Parkway College.

I really not dare to call mummy
I really dun wish to answer every of her questions
Ma , dun ask me how tired I am.
I am tired, super tired !
And I wish I am home , I miss home !!!
I am very guilty to my sis
since I promise her I will be back on this week
But at the end ,
I going to put her " aeroplane " !
Sorry , meet you next time ! ^___^

I really dun wish to mention how stress I am
How " pekcek " I am to my friends around me
Because they are also the same.
I only can throw my tantrum here
rather than throw on others people.
I just believe that I still can make it
and able to complete it.

Please ,
Dun tell me how tired you are, Neither do I.
Dun tell me how many works you have, Neither do I.
Dun tell me how stress you are, Neither do I.

When you mentioned something to people,
please think about others people too.
You just need to complete a small portion maybe,
but people have to compile all the things and info !
I am really frustrating of it
How i wish I am with my bed now !

God , tell me how to do ?
What should I do ?
I am really exhausted in everything.
Can you hear my prayer everynight ?
I hope so.

Hmmmm , even you're reading what i am writing
Please dun mentioned to me
what i am writing here.
This is my space ,
I just wish to have some space
for me to relieve my stress,
since I can't share my stress with people around me.

Sorry to some people ,
since I know I am really lazy update my stupid blog,
hehe :)

3.45am, is time for me to off to bed
Good Night !

I feel better now :D

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