Monday, March 7, 2011

Nobody can Replace u in my heart ♥

Dear Dear , I miss u ...
U always request or asking me to learn independent
But i dun wan...I wan depend upon u all the time
Coz i know that u will promise me everything

Recently Dear become more gentle
Have a "big fight" last 2 weeks...
This time very angry with dear
Even apologize also cant make or compensate anything
I juz dun wan waste my time and energy in this relationship
I said that i m tired and I wan freedom
Dear dear say break up and i also agree
But second day , Dear come back and tell me
" I cant get used of it without you "
I smile while I really angry
So i request My dear promise , cant angry so easily
And must discuss with me before do anything
We are back to normal condition
And carry on our relationship

I keep asking dear dear do lots of things before sleep
Dear need 2 back slap me when i wan sleep
Dear need 2 help me cover blanket when i sleep
Dear need 2 wait me sleep 1st
Dear need 2 tell stories when i lied on the bed
Hahahaha , He gonna do these kind of things
before meet with " God of sleep "
I must torture my dear sure sure...

I know he is tired of his work
But he still accompany me all the time
Playing poker card with me when he see i am lonely
Bring me out 2 supper when he know that my mood is down
Sing 2 me when he feel some songs is good and meaningful
Call me everyday n asking me 2 take care
Wake up on midnight just help me 2 apply medicine
when i am injuried...

Dear , nobody can replace u in my heart
Nobody will...
I miss u in this moments
And i promise will become a good and independent girl
Wont let u worried about me all the time

THank you My Dear
U are always beside me when i need u

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