Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Holiday's Life

Bio-essence Products
Big Wave


Kamikaze Racer

Anaconda Twist

Adventure Park

Love My Holiday's Life so much

No need to wake up early early
No need to do tutorial question

No need to do frustrating reports

No need to burn the midnight oil
No need call delivery

No need cycle to campus

No need wash clothes by myself

No need miss home

No need miss my dear

No need do revision

And the most i
mportant is
No Need EXAM !!

hmm ..Ytd went Malacca wonderland
with my family and some dearest friends

Enjoy so much
Eventhough i am little india now

But quite happy..Yeah ^^
We play around 4 hrs at the water word

Attractions at there is really amazing

Especially "pendulum "

When i view the video at home ,
I already scared for this game
But when i reach there ,

My bros keep asking me to play

so I have no choice

My sister and I close the eyes when playing ..

We scream loudly

Until the staff at there saying
" Dah Habis , Ah Moi ,
Jangan Takut "

Haha ...Super Funny

Others activities like Kamikaze Racer ,
Pony Ride , Crazy Slide

Big Wave , Anaconda Twist ...

All are really amazing

So if u all want to went there

U can can go this website have a look ...
Even though this is a new place

But staffs at there is quite humble and nice

I enjoy at there so much ...=D

Just now went guardian to buy Bio-essence products

It's really cost me a bomb

Every time My dear will buy for me

But this time I buy for myself

Coz I dun wan spend His money...
It's Okay ...I have to save begin now ..

I have to take a comfortable nap now

Will update soon ...

See u all =)

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