Wednesday, April 7, 2010

latest update

Since a long long time i din update my dearest blog
becoz i m buzy !!!!!!
buzy of wat ??
buzy of assignment , test and presentation
now everything is over
so i m free now n waiting for final to coming
erm...what i can say~
this sem actually is quite easy n enjoy
coz only study for 3 subject
that is web page design , management n english for communication
so quite easy for us n not really torture us
the only thing that torture us is WEB PAGE ASSIGNMENT!!
becoz really no time to do dis assignment
but at last we r finish our assignment
i wan say thank you 2 my grpmates
they are shing yih, chee kit n hanson
i enjoy doing the assignment wif u all
besides, management assignment oso quite successful
i wan congratzz to my grpmates
again Shing Yin and Chee Kit
Shu Yan , Shu Fei n Yik Whey...
Thank you for the cooperation , love u guys ~

ok , now i wan say sorry 2 my dear...
becoz i oways neglect u as buzy my work
i din chat nicely wif u
i like do my things n live in my own world
i like cry by myself
i dun know what r u thinking about
i know u oways dote on me
buy the best things for me
n bring me go a lot of places
i oways lose my temper on u ...
but u still forgive me...
m i a failure gf ?
i dun know...i only know that u r my nice n best baby boy~
2day , finally i finish everything n chat nicely wif u
[宝贝,我终于present 完了,终于我在relax 状态了]

our conservation end in the laugh
thank you my darling
i know u r the best
for me , nobody can replace u ....
i love u ...
thank you for oways 牺牲 ur time to cherish me
when i wanna eat the kenny roger
u immediately bring me go n call 4 muffin for me
thanks my dear ~
i Love u so so much...

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